Staking Summit 2023 Recap

Staking Summit 2023 Recap

A short while ago, the Tenderize Lab team journeyed to Istanbul for the Staking Summit. This summit served as an opportunity to put boots on the ground with validators, stakers, and prominent figures in the liquid staking industry.

Staking Summit - Key Talks and Panels

One of the focal points of the summit was Head Chef Alec's keynote speech, "A New Approach to Liquid Staking," introducing Tenderize v2.

This new version aims to allow independent stakers and node operators to partake in liquid staking while minimizing risks by choosing individual validators (siloing risk and reward to specific hardware/setups). In case you missed it, catch the keynote here:

Moreover, Founder/CTO Nico actively engaged in a panel discussion alongside Ether Finance, Bifrost, and Puffer. This panel delved into intriguing topics such as liquidity designs, profitability for individual stakers, and the concept of credible neutrality in the LST space. You can watch the panel discussion here:

Here's what some of our team members had to say about the summit:


My favorite part of the event was having the opportunity to talk directly with node operators and their biggest clients face to face. This allows us to make the necessary UI changes to make the user experience that much better for launch.

My biggest takeaway after the event was that the market is eager for alternative approaches to liquid staking. The defi native user is perfectly satisfied with the index style solutions of today, but node operators aren’t.

Our thesis has been validated that a significant portion of the market seeks risk adjust liquid staking, where they can silo risk to their desired validator(s). This makes me somehow even more excited about Tenderize v2 going live on mainnet in January.


Staking Summit really outdid itself this year. A great line-up at a wonderful location and a few cool side-events hosted by the @stakingrewards team.

We saw great interest in Tenderize’s Liquid Staking 2.0 as a solution to diversify the liquid staking landscape and retain core decentralization principles. Lots of validators and staking service providers we spoke to were highly interested in the prospects of using Tenderize as a white-label liquid staking solution.

ETH staking was another big topic at the summit. There were plenty of conversations around restaking such as @eigenlayer and Distributed Validator Protocols like @ssv_network. It was very interesting to explore synergies between DVT, restaking and Tenderize’s validator specific LSTs.

The staking space is growing incredibly fast and Staking Summit was a great celebration of it, see you all next year!


The Staking Summit in Istanbul was an experience I will never forget. Tenderize won the validator grand prix and we were able to meet our launch partners and meet new ones. Looking forward to next year.

The team hosted various events post-summit, including a Happy Hour for the testnet launch and a networking session to discuss validator-specific LSTs, crypto principles, risk-free rates, and catering to user risk preferences. The attendees also received an exclusive preview of our testnet before its global launch.

For those interested in exploring Tenderize v2, check out the link here:

The Staking Summit was truly a celebration of the rapid growth within the staking space. Until next year's summit, keep an eye out for more exciting developments from Tenderize!

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