Dev DAO Raffle Winners Announcement

Dev DAO Raffle Winners Announcement

Tenderize is proud to announce the winners of our dev DAO raffle! These winners were selected from a pool of testnet users who also filled out the testnet feedback survey. Tenderize team awarded the following 3 members based on the value of their feedback:

  1. 0xe450Ca59E9adC0A7D86a39C9A8B8818b9450C522
  2. 0x66d692bBeCAcAe3026834750e603291Fe4384161
  3. 0x303bdc16d74736e90FfAB85E0Aa8548B6618936e

With these genesis NFTs, the winners now have permanent access to the growing community of web3 buidlers  (now over 5000 members!) and voting rights.

We Couldn’t Do This Without You

One of the winners, even went above and beyond to create a whole report of their findings:

Many helpful findings were discovered thanks to feedback like this including:

  • Some minor UI bugs that were discovered and subsequently fixed
  • Contrast is too low for the UI
  • Improved UX for TenderSwap (more insight into metrics like slippage, price impact when swapping, adding liquidity or removing liquidity)

If you’re reading this, winners have already been sent their Dev DAO NFT directly to their wallets.

What’s Next

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